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Effective UV disinfection for conveyors and bottle cap dispensers


Simple to install or retrofit and easy to maintain. The Steribelt module is a high performance UV lamp for intense UV disinfection providing  germ-free conveyor belts and surfaces. Prevention of cross-contamination, permanent reduction in total germ count and  and increase in cleaning intervals between production shifts.

Improvements in quality and maintenance and possible extension of sell-by-dates because of disinfected packaging are only some of the benefits to be realised by using the modules.

The special Indium amalgam lamps used in Steribelt offer four times the UVC power of conventional UVC lamps for the same lamp length. Moreover, because of the unique Flat Lamp technology, more than 50% of the UVC power generated is emitted directly onto the target surface. Consequently, the SteriBelt lamps are significantly more efficient than round lamps, which emit only around 1/3 of their UVC output directly to the target surface.

Notable product features:
  • Completely water-tight (IP67)
  • LampSafe shatter protection
  • Simple, fast lamp change-over, through pre-assembled plug connections
  • Robust, compact stainless steel housing, with no external air- or water-cooling, optimised for low ambient temperatures.
  • Rotationally symmetrical, hence little deposition of product residuals on the housing surface compared with a flat plate.
Recommended areas of application
  •  Disinfection of yoghurt pots, tubular pouches and other packaging materials
  •  Tub disinfection during cold filling
  •  Disinfection of hard cheeses and fruit and vegetable products
  •  Disinfection of cleaned transport containers before re-use (To prevent re-infection during storage and handling)
  •  Design of product sluices for high speed material movement
  • Disinfection of belts in dry applications.
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