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Cosmo Ultraviolet ( formally Cosmo Graphics) was formed in 1979 by Bill Brown ex founder and director of Sidney Cooke here in New Zealand. Bill was an ink technician and sold the first Ultra Violet systems to the Tin printers back in 1972.
In the early years the company sold Eckart Verke Bronzing Powders, Ultra Violet lamps and equipment to the local printing industry. Later branching into Metal Halide, Xenon, and Quartz Halogen lamps to the Prepress area of the industry.
In the late 80’s Bryan Davies joined Bill to help promote and sell the products nation wide and in 1988 Bryan and his wife Sabra purchased the business outright from Bill, who retired to Tauranga.
Since this time Cosmo Ultraviolet has continued to supply Ultraviolet and Infrared technology to New Zealand industry specialising in the supply of Heraeus-Amba lamps and Heraeus Infrared emitters plus Ultra Violet systems and parts there of.
Recent product additions have seen the company branch into other Heraeus dominated fields such as air and water disinfection and oxidation, UV Reactors, UV lamps for analytical and optical instruments and Oxira germicidal and ozone units for germ and odour treatment.
A range germicidal and ozone units are available  for use in the storage of food in commercial and retail applications and the disinfection of surfaces or the elimination of odour in process and commercial applications

COSMO ULTRAVIOLET LTD - Specialists in the supply Ultraviolet and Infrared technology used in the manufacturing, environmental, medical and research industries.



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